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COVID-19 NOTICE: Many peer-to-peer (mutual aid) groups that have been accustomed to meeting in person are now online only. For a list a growing list (being updated daily) of zoom meetings CLICK HERE for a Google Sheets link including hyperlinks to meetings that can be used as they begin.

October 2020 Blog. New Ideas... why is it a challenge to adopt new ideas; why don't facts help change others ideas? This Blog we look at the psychology of change and persuasion. We talks about upcoming changed to AA's secular cannon, Living Sober. CLICK here or CLICK the PIC for October's Blog

Podcast, #53. There's been a serge of new people to the secular AA zoom meetings. We want to back up a bit and talk about the Why secular AA, How we do secular AA, a brief history of secular AA - which, even if you've been around a while, it is surprising to see a rational, practical (secular) view of AA has always been championed from on corner of AA or another. We'll talk about the 1963 secular (10) steps from San Fran in 1965, the secular (7) Steps in Sweden in the early 1950s. Founders celebrated all of these artistic liberties. Also, hot off the press, Reality Check: Being Nonreligious in America survey and study has some analysis that really speaks to the range of positive to prickly experiences atheists and agnostics get in AA.... and the value of irreligious AA to serve an underrepresented minority in the rooms. Anyway, click the pick for Episode 53



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Previous events

Emotional Sobriety Zoom mini-conference

Freethinkers Living Sober of Verde Valley AZ

featuring New York Times Bestseller, Marya Hornbacker, counselor/author, sober since Noah Dr. Allen Berger, John R from Cottonwood Freethinkers + Joe C, Rebellion Dogs Publishing - free mini-conference (3 hours starting 10 AM PST, 1 PM, EST, 6 PM BST), registration now open, Emotional Sobriety, yes, the final frontier.


5-Year Anniversary We Agnostics Kansas City

 —  —

We Agnostics Kansas City Group, 4501 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

We Agnostics-Kansas City celebrates five years, and Freethinkers in AA-Kansas City celebrates four years. Featured speaker, is Joe C. from Toronto, Ontario. Joe is the author of "Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life", and host of Rebellion Dogs Radio.

Recovery Capital Conference

 —  —

Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street , New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6

Speakers: Dr. Ray Baker, Addiction Medicine Consultant Dr. Gabor Mate, The Myth of Normal: Illness and Health in an Insane Culture Johann Hari, Rethinking Addiction Social Recovery in the Age of Loneliness Steven Page, The Barenaked Ladies, Overcoming Adversity Dr. Andrea Barthwell, Former Deputy Director for Demand Reduction at the Office of National Drug Control Policy (White House)

AA History Lovers Symposium

 —  —

El Retiro San Iñigo Retreat Center, 300 Manresa Way , Los Altos, CA 94022-4659

Researchers, archivists, documentations and even Rebellion Dogs, Joe C will be presenting interesting facts about AA History. Jackie B (Recovery Plays by Jackie B) says, "In developing an interest in AA history, I find that what we did wrong, is far more interesting and educational than patting ourselves on the back for what we got right."

Knowing AA History: Spotlighting Barry L 

Many people had a hand in changing the course of Alcoholics Anonymous, and consequently, the entire peer-to-peer, mutual aid world. Some of these stories are lost or buried--not hidden from us, just so deep in archives that no one…

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